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Ilgaz Insaat ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. (Ilgaz Construction and Trading Limited Company) was established in Adana in 1994. The first prefabricated plant came into operation in Merkez – Dikili Town and in 1997, it was moved to the modern integrated plant in Mersin – Yenice which was equipped with the innovations of technology.

Having established its 2nd plant under the title of Fil İnsaat Mak. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. (Fil Construction Machinery Industry Trading Limited Company) in Karabük Eskipazar in 1999, our company carried the quality it has acquired in the production sector of the prefabricated concrete elements, from the Mediterranean Region to the Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Marmara Regions. In 2002, with the purpose of producing prestressed beams to be used within the scope of the Pozanti-Ulukisla Highway Project, a plant equipped with the innovations of technology was established near Pozanti county. In this plant, different productions have been realized for other projects beyond the scope of the Pozanti Highway Project. The production of prestressed beams within the scope of the existing projects has been completed. Upon the completion of the highway construction, the plant was demounted and carried to our Polatli Factory.

In 2005, a new plant was established in the Polatli Organized Industrial Zone with the aim realizing the production of prefabricated prestressed beams and other precast elements to be used for the works within the scope of Ankara – Istanbul Railway High Speed Train Project. In this plant, prefabricated industrial structures, box culverts at different dimensions and prestressed beams are still being produced. Until today, in total, the construction of 175.000 m² closed area have been completed most of which are located in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone. Furthermore, prestressed beams have been produced and still being manufactured for several projects. Our production plant has 22.000 m² closed area.

Our company is shareholding in the TOO pebble stone, crushed stone crusher plant established in Alma Ata city of Kazakhstan in 2005. An agreement was concluded in 2007 in Polatli in with German Rail.One GmbH Company for the establishment of a mutual railway traverse factory and the production was commenced in the same year. Our new company which was established with the purpose of producing prestressed railway traverses, incorporated into the Group under the title of Railone Ilgaz Demiryolu Sistemleri Üretim İthalat İhracat Limited sirketi (Railone Ilgaz Railway Systems Production Import Export Limited Company). Moreover, our plant has become one of the biggest supplier traverse plants of TCDD (Turkish State Railways).

In 2007, a new company titled as TOO Gok Yapi was established in Kazakhstan and incorporated in to the Group. Our new company which carries on business all across Kazakhstan, has all necessary certificates and produces prefabricated concrete elements besides all kinds of construction contracting works.

The production of prestressed prefabricated beams which are used within the scope of Artvin – Erzurum highway Project, has started in a new plant established in Artvin construction site in 2008, it was completed in 2011 and carried to our Polatli Factory.In 2009, our company has entered into the aeronautics market by becoming a partner of Nofer Hava Tasimaciligi ve Havacilik Hizmetleri A.s (Nofer Air Transportation and Aeronautics Services Incoportation) which carries business in the aeronautics field.

In 2009, within the scope of the "Turkmenistan Highways Bridges and Overpasses Project", our company went into a partnership with Net Yapi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (Net Construction and Trading Limited Company) and came into operation. Within the framework of the project, in total, the construction of 186 bridges was completed; 31 of which was between Arcman - Türkmenbasi, 30 of which was between Ashgabat – Mary, 20 of which was between Türkmenabat – Farab and 9 of which was between Ashgabat – Garagum (Dasoguz), and their provisional and final acceptances were performed. The studies for developing new business are going on.

In recent years, our companies within the body of the Group concentrated on the construction works within the scope of the contracting services. V4 Viaduct, which takes part within the scope of the Ankara - Istanbul High Speed Train project and the longest viaduct of Turkey with its 2400 m length was completed. The construction of the Republic Tower of 190 m length by Keçioren Municipality was cancelled since the mania line problem could not be solved and settled between the Employer and Keçioren Municipality.

Within the scope of the anti-earthquake reinforcement works carried out by the Governorship of İstanbul, Provincial Special Administration Project Coordination Unit, the reinforcement works of 24 schools were completed and the provisional and finals acceptances were performed.

TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and Adequacy for Production Certificates of the prefabricated concrete elements that we produced in our plants are available. Furthermore, in 2001, ISO 9001 : 2000 / EN ISO 9001: 2000 documents were awarded to our Company by TUV CERT RWTUV Systems GmbH Certification Center. This institution is incorporated in to TUV NORD in 2006. The aforementioned document was revised in 2009 and issued as ISO 9001:2008 by the Universal Certification body which was accredited by TURKAK. Moreover, TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 certificate was received for our Laboratory which has international validity.

Our company has become the leader of our company regarding the transportation of the prestressed and nonprestressed beams which are used in the bridges and the viaducts and their installation with launching girder. Within this scope the installation of the beams in Pozanti Highway was completed. Moreover, the transportation of the beams of the bridges and viaducts within the scope of the Enka - Bechtel Company Albanian Highway Project with elephant was performed. 3 units of Launching Girders exist within the body of our company. The bridges and viaducts in Gaziantep/Nizip, Tunceli, Trabzon, Nigde, Kayseri, Artvin, Siirt, Elmadag are among some of the projects that we have completed. The main office of the General Directorate is in Adana. We also have an office in Ankara. The construction of offices which has 2.200 m2 closed area was completed and we have a project of assembling the offices of the Group Companies in that location in the following years. Currently, 3 Modern Integrated Plants Which Produce Prefabricated Concrete, 2 Prestressed Beam Production Plants, 1 Prestressed Traverse Production Plant, 1 Ready Mixed Concrete Plant and construction sites in different regions of Turkey exist within the body of the Group. More than 1000 technical staff and qualified personnel are working within the body of our Company.

The construction of Railway, Highway, Airport, Bridge, Thermal Plant, Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipe Line, Subway, Dam, Mass Housing, Factory etc. projects of the public institutions and organizations and private companies in Turkey, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and Russia and the production and installation of all kinds of prefabricated industrial structures, infrastructure, landscaping elements, prestressed and nonprestressed beams are performed by our Company.

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